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How to Make This Great Place Greater

Can you make a great place better? The East End is a truly great place. So, every time a change of some sort is contemplated, we have to ask ourselves if the result of that change will in some way … Continue reading

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King of the Road

I love my car. Not necessarily the specific car I drive now — more accurately, I love having a car available to me (two, in fact). They’re great for a quick trip to the supermarket. I also love day trips … Continue reading

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Parking as Priority

Are You Looking for a Place to Park? No, neither am I. There always seems to be one in Sag Harbor when I need it, even though it may not be  right out front of the place I’m going. On … Continue reading

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Transportation Forum Stays On Track

I’m not often surprised by politicians. Well, let me rephrase that, I’m often surprised by politicians’ venality, but much less often by their willingness to take a risk. So, I have to admit that I was taken completely by surprise … Continue reading

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The Five Top Problems Facing Sag Hampton

Over Development / Inappropriate Development Simply put, over development is the poison that will kill the golden goose. As we all know, people love this area because of its natural beauty, open vistas, fresh air, and rural feel. It doesn’t … Continue reading

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