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EcoWalk Exceeds Its Goal!

This is a great community story. I just love the way we come together when there’s a worthwhile opportunity to do so. EcoWalk is a project with the “goal [of] … tak[ing] an underused area of the [Sag Harbor Elementary] … Continue reading

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The School Budget Passed. Now What?

OK, let me fess up right away: the title of this post is a bit misleading. Frankly, I used it to get your attention. If you thought that I would be writing something about the school district and fiscal responsibility, … Continue reading

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Learning on the Job

Learning on the job is a good thing, right? So, the Sag Harbor School Board is to be commended for finally figuring out the fund-balance thing. You know, that pesky thing they have to figure out about how much padding … Continue reading

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Shadow Goes Home

I usually use this space to write about issues facing our East End communities. But, every once in a while I digress from the serious side of life to honor one of those ephemeral moments that make living in Sag … Continue reading

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We’re All Only Human…Including the Board of Education

I haven’t been to a School Board meeting for longer than I haven’t written a blog post. But tonight I’ve done and am doing both. You may know (if you read the Sag Harbor Express) that the Board of Education of the Sag Harbor School District announced a special meeting for this evening for the sole purpose of appointing …
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