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How to Make This Great Place Greater

Can you make a great place better? The East End is a truly great place. So, every time a change of some sort is contemplated, we have to ask ourselves if the result of that change will in some way … Continue reading

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Is This the Land of No?

Sometime it feels like we’re living in the Land of No. There are quite a few things in recent memory to which one or another Sag Hampton group has said (or tried to say) NO!

Many folks said no to the NYS Department of Transportation a few years ago when they proposed a roundabout at the wharf end of Main …
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Safe Routes to…the Library?

My friend and fellow EETC and CAC (East End Transportation Council and Citizens Advisory Committee) member, Ken Dorph has been traveling hither and yon trying to stir up interest in a very fine program called Safe Routes to School, which is sponsored by the federal Department of Transportation. I promise to write about that program in more detail at a later date. However, I was reminded of it today when reading part of the final report of the Community Library Committee…
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