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Tuckahoe Main Street, or I’ve Got the PDD Blues Again

Last night I spent an instructive couple of hours listening to the developers of the so-called “Tuckahoe Main Street” explain their proposal (basically a strip mall with some apartments, greenery and sidewalk cafes thrown in as window dressing), as well … Continue reading

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Learning on the Job

Learning on the job is a good thing, right? So, the Sag Harbor School Board is to be commended for finally figuring out the fund-balance thing. You know, that pesky thing they have to figure out about how much padding … Continue reading

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Transportation Forum Stays On Track

I’m not often surprised by politicians. Well, let me rephrase that, I’m often surprised by politicians’ venality, but much less often by their willingness to take a risk. So, I have to admit that I was taken completely by surprise … Continue reading

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The Five Top Problems Facing Sag Hampton

Over Development / Inappropriate Development Simply put, over development is the poison that will kill the golden goose. As we all know, people love this area because of its natural beauty, open vistas, fresh air, and rural feel. It doesn’t … Continue reading

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Why Isn’t the Village of Sag Harbor Supporting the Sag Harbor Gateway Study?

It would seem, at first glance, to be a no-brainer. The Southampton Planning Department recently completed a study that recommends changing the zoning of a small area along the Sag Harbor-Bridgehampton Turnpike (the “Gateway” to Sag Harbor) from Highway Business to Hamlet Office. Since this area lies outside the Village’s borders, its zoning is under the control of the Town. …
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