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How to Make This Great Place Greater

Can you make a great place better? The East End is a truly great place. So, every time a change of some sort is contemplated, we have to ask ourselves if the result of that change will in some way … Continue reading

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King of the Road

I love my car. Not necessarily the specific car I drive now — more accurately, I love having a car available to me (two, in fact). They’re great for a quick trip to the supermarket. I also love day trips … Continue reading

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The Antidote

This post is a cross-posting from my other blog, Learn, Laugh, Love, and my Facebook page. I apologize to those who may have already read it. It is also off-topic, not being directly related to any goings-on here in Sag … Continue reading

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EcoWalk Exceeds Its Goal!

This is a great community story. I just love the way we come together when there’s a worthwhile opportunity to do so. EcoWalk is a project with the “goal [of] … tak[ing] an underused area of the [Sag Harbor Elementary] … Continue reading

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Parking as Priority

Are You Looking for a Place to Park? No, neither am I. There always seems to be one in Sag Harbor when I need it, even though it may not be  right out front of the place I’m going. On … Continue reading

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